A Word or Two, About Collecting HO Slot Cars.

Collecting HO Scale Electric Slot Race Cars is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. No Known Cure has been found once the disease gets hold. Symptoms include mysterious disapperance of disposeable incomes; a burning feeling that unless you buy something Slot Related, Today, It May Not be there Tomorrow; and Most Obvious is the conversion of a den, basement, garage or in extreme case, a Bedroom over to a Slot Car Addiction. Adults with Hyperactivity & Attention Deficit Disorder (HAADD) are especially prone to Vast Eclectic Collections!

ADDITIONALLY: HO Slot Car Racing Has Been Found To Be HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS! Wives, Children & even neighbors & Grandparents are liable to contract very serious strains of Table Top Model Motoring Disease (Slottis'addictus.)

The Only known hope for Slottis'addictusis, to Call An Experienced Accumulator! I Happen to Be one such accumulator. Several Decades & three generations of collectors. I buy up ANY & ALL HO SLOT CAR RELATED Items. Castaways, oddball & bizarre, especially wanted. Further, Should you want these, Even Years from now, i may have yours or similar to sell you back! I have enjoyed a decade or two of assisting perfectly reasonable seeming adults, to persue a healthy addiction, that occasionally becomes a Decent Investment!

"The Value Can ONLY Go UP!" Don't bet on it. Buy an item because you L I K E it. That way, even if it Never goes up in Value; You Still Like It! There does seem to be some validity in a collectible as an appreciable asset. The ability to sell 1/2 of what you buy in order to get the other 1/2 free, certainly helps build a collection. the occasional 'friend with a box of cars' or Gargae Sale find are really helpful to dollar cost averaging a collection. Although my banker claims them to be a 'non-performing asset,' he Still Enjoys a Race or Two!

A Few Rules of Thumb: A Newly Purchased HO Scale Electric Race Track runs about $3/foot. As such, a $20 track has about 8 feet of track & a 34' foot race track, complete with controllers, cars, track, transformer, guard rails & such is around $100 (34'x$3/ft.) Additionally 4-Lane Tracks (by adding 'outside' curves, Anyone can make a 4-lane track!) The 4-Lane complete race sets are much more expensive because they include 4 vehicles, 2 transformers, 4 controllers & a whole boatload of Super track sections! A typical 4-Lane HO Race Track is around $150 PLUS S&H; & they can be heavy, so try to buy somewhere near by, to save some freight $'s.

Typically a great variety of HO Slot Car Vehicles cost between US$15 and $30. Body deatil & chassis performance are key differences. High-Performance Wizard-Class, Ho Slot Cars Start at $40 or so & rise very quickly! It would not be uncommon for a dedicated national racer to have $250 or more into a single HO Slot Car Chassis!

People collect for a great variety of very good reasons. Some people 'just like cars' & the ability to actually 'Drive' them around is an extension of their passion. Train collectors can integrate an HO Road System along side their Rail Systems! Another collector may have a penchant for Fords, or VW's or Dragsters or 1969 Cougars! Their are also the hobbyists; who always manage to keep a hobby alive throughout the decades; People just looking for some fun! Model Road Racing is the PerfeCar ct Winter Time Diversion & simply a great Family Sport! it dependably provides an Outstanding return on investment for the amount of hours, of entertainment, Slot Racing Provides! Additionally, the same race set has been known to be passed down again & again, from generation racer to generation racer! Great stuff! Now, Go Enjoy the day. Go Play with some Toys!

Happy Motorin' & Please Enjoy Your Regression Therapy!

bob@slotcarcentral.com in Syracuse, NY