1. The Chassis Reference Page : A photographic reference of the wide variety of slot car chassis in existence.
  2. What HO Race System Is For Me? : Modern or vintage; New or used?
  3. A Quick History of HO Model Motoring : 1960- Present
  4. Track Section Reference : The Track Options/Reference Page
  5. Paper Reference : Catalogs, Instructions, etc. Reference Page
  6. About Collecting HO Slot Cars : Collecting HO Scale Electric Slot Race Cars is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.
  7. How not to pack slot cars! : Shipping Note!
  8. Modifying a Micromachine Slot : To run on H.O. Scale Track Systems
  9. Star Trek Communicators : A Link to Aurora HO Slot Cars
  10. 4WD Slot Car Systems : How To
  11. Building A 4WD TYCO US-1 Truck Chassis : Photo Guide
  12. Micro Scalextric : Tricks & Hints
  13. Soldering Wire To A Slot Car Track : How To Video
  14. Jump Jockey Guide : Paul Campion's guide to Jump Jockey
  15. How much is that pretty little Cougar in the tray?? : Bob's Guide to Collecting
  16. Tuning a Modern T-DASH, T-Jet style chassis : PDF Guide
  17. Comparing Modern HO Scale Inline Chassis : originally published by Paul Shoemaker on Slot Car Illustrated (
  18. ID & Tuning AFX Super Magna-Traction/Speed Shifter... : originally published by JimDouglasJr on Slot Car Illustrated (
  19. COMPLETE AURORA PART NUMBERS GUIDE: originally publised at

TCR Guides
  1. Tidbits on TCR : Ideal, TYCO, Aurora & Other TCR Total Control Racing.
  2. Advanced TCR with TCR Joe : Lessons learned in slot-less racing.
  3. TCR Guide: How Does It Steer?
  4. TCR Guide: Tires
  5. Belle Mead Speedway : Slotless TYCO TCR Racing
  6. Slot-less TCR to Slotted Racer : A step by step guide to converting those slot-less chassis to run on your slotted track.
  7. Dr. Ed: TCR Powering Each Lane : Test results on TCR track power draw