Ideal TYCO Aurora & Other TCR Total Control Racing Sets

   Ahh, the allure of Total Control HO Scale Racing! Drive,Accelerate, Pass & Slide Back In Front, JUST in Front of your Opponent! ButWatch out for the JAM Vehicle! And although we remember it, maybe a bit betterthan it actually worked, the TCR race system always seemed to pose one minorproblem… or two. Mainly it's downfall was the -stall- zooming down astraight, banging in a corner or sliding through an s-curve, a mid-lane,mid-move, mid-pass, -stall- really s c r e w e d things up. A clean, warm trackhelped, but few kids could afford (or figure out, or source, or were braveenough for!) the solution. Very simply put, TCR is an AC system. It demands anoutput of Amperage in AC current. A Variable-Power, Variable-Amp Power Source isjust the ticket. Often well over $100, it is the cost of a truly successful TCRrace system. The addition of dependable power is nearly as important as powerdistribution. Large or small system, a second power pack arrangement orunder-the-track-wire-jumpering system is needed for dependable, even poweraround the track circuit. CONSULT A SKILLED ELECTRICIAN FOR ADVICE.


   The TCR (TotalControlRacing) Logo has been used on 6 or 7different systems by TYCO, IDEAL & MAJORETTE throughout the past 3 decades.Majorette of France is the current owner of the Trademark: TCR. TYCO Industriesof N.J. & Ideal Toys of America, alternately licensed the 'TCR' moniker for their North American release, of the Total (Lack of) Control Racing Systems.Although each HO Slotless, Passing System could be Made to work, there was always a precious balance between Really Fun Racing, and… Stalled Cars…A Sufficient increase in the Power Pack Amperage Really seemed to help. An additional Power Pack run in series, or A Whopper-AMP'ed Car Battery, on a Trickle Charger, Really does the Trick! A Super Clean, well-connected Track is a Must!


   Some TCR Vehicles will interchange between one manufacturer, & another's racetrack systems. Other than Aurora SpeedSteer & Aurora ULTRA5 Track Systems Interchanging; Seldom do systems interchange. An Exception is theAurora SpeedSteer & TYCO TCR Vehicles. They are nearly identical. You can interchange TYCO TCR & Aurora SpeedSteer Pickup Shoes, springs, rear wheels, tires gears & axles. Both vehicles work (or don't) on either system. Cool. No Adapters are known to convert from one Track System, & Accessories, to another. However, that said, I have heard from numerous people who have cannibalized, Modified & Energized their ways into some really great, AND dependable, SLOTLESS Racing!


   Ideally (forget the pun,) you should buy the correct brand car for your Slot-Free racing system. Once you get it running well, then introduce another manufacturers vehicles to see how they may operate. Tweak the vehicle pickups, where you can. Most of the 'passing or JAM' vehicles work on the same principles. The size & distance between Pick Up Shoes, and chassis bumper dimensions, seem to be the biggest variations. Also, the system used to keep-the-vehicle-off-the-wall varied widely. Aurora Ultra 5 was released in the 1970's, and the Later Improved SpeedSteer System, followed into the 1980's. TYCO TCR also released Command Control System early on, which was a totalcatastrophe… The later TYCO iteration took on the TCR logo & actually was a good attempt at a modern-day TCR Racing System by advancing the Aurora SpeedSteer technology. The Ideal Toys, 1970's release system, had a MK 1 & MK II Chassis-Style released in the U.S. Majorette subsequently released a MK III & MK IV Style chassis in Europe. Modern Majorette TCR works well on 1970's Ideal TCR Systems, each was a successive improvement upon the other. North American MK 1 & MK II 'Metal Rear Hubbed Style' can use an Aurora #8741 Medium Rear Tire with good results for the often-dried rear ends. Reproduction pickup shoes & other tune up parts, are also becoming much more available.


   No Modern HO TCR System is currently sold in the U.S. I sell as New-Old-Stock, Aurora SpeedSteer (Ultra 5) brand TCR. I have Complete Race Tracks for $85. These are factory sealed Ovals with Two Vehicles. I have Two Vehicle-Versions available. They were originally intended for European Release, so I can include a US Transformer free, if requested. Everything else mates upwith the USA or Canada, Aurora releases throughout the 1970 & 1980.

   I sell NOS Vehicles for nearly every Total Control System from Aurora,TYCO,Ideal and Majorette. I sell complete replacement chassis or bodies alone, as well. Please feel free to fill in my history where you can. I will continue to update any inaccuracy.

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