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3 Speed Controllers

3-SPEED CONTROLLERS ARE MADE FOR 4 OR 6 D-CELL BATTERY BOX, RACE SETS. They are intended to run on around 4-8 volts of input. When they are connected to a typical transformer (12-24V) they act more like an on/off switch, rather than to control a range of speeds. Also, under a transformer load, their life will be dramatically decreased & may quickly burn out. 
Using a BATTERY BOX for a power source is cool though! It allows the track to literally go anywhere, typical slot cars will run just fine, albeit slower, & cars & pickup shoes will last much longer due to the reduced friction. On any TYCO/Mattel race set up, you could put the BATTERY BOX ON ONE LANE & AC VOLTAGE ON THE OTHER. Simply use two terminal tracks any where you'd like. Plug a transformer & typical controller into one & plug a battery power box & a 3-speed controller into the opposite lane, of the second terminal track. Also they work well to break in motors by setting up a short oval & letting a new car go around for awhile.