1. The Old Weird Herald : The most dangerous 'zine in slot car racing!
  2. : A dependable european source for TCR and other slot car items.
  3. Modelville Hobby-Lenjet HO Slot Car Raceway : Peter Lentros’ near Boston; Home of the 220 Purple Mile and the Purple Mile H.O. version! Bravo sir, Bravo!
  4. Racemasters : was started by Jim Russell to serve the model race car enthusiast.
  5. Rare Slot Cars : Offering the widest selection of vintage and rare slot cars available online.
  6. Model Motoring, Inc. : Fine HO Slot Car Reproduction Parts & Cars & Unique HO Related Products.
  7. Slot Car Garage : Dedicated to the hobby of home slot car racing and collecting.
  8. : Indy H.O. Slots.
  9. MaxTraxRacing : Masterful HO Routered Tracks.
  10. Aurora AFX Racing Center : European H.O. History of Aurora & AFX.
  11. Rasant Electric Model Motoring : German Rasant HO Slot Car History.
  12. US-1 Trucking Info : The TYCO US-1 TRUCKING Collector's Resouce.
  13. budsHOcars : Bud's H.O. by Rob Budano.
  14. HO Slot Car Racing : Building a track? Need Plans? Tools? Parts? Pieces?
  15. Powertrack : MatchBox HO Slot Car UK Reference.
  16. : Prototyping, Recreations and Custom Track building. 
  17. TrackMate : For dependable power.
  18. Real World Race Track Layouts : AFX - THE CLOSEST THING TO REAL RACING!
  19. Slot Car Monsters : When you have A LOT of excess slot-car time... not just a websiter, it's an Education!
  20. A.G.&G. Hobby and Electronics : Alan Galinkos New Jersey Speed Shop with Killer Power Supply!
  21. : Lexan Bodies, Lightweight, Sideways Fun!
  22. : An interesting site to spend your H.O. time... & a Great Blog choice
  23. Road Race Replicas : Road Race Replicas offers HO Decals, as well as Injection Molded Masterpieces!
  24. Lucky Bob's Slot : For $300 Controllers or $21 HO Slot Cars, HO Racing News or incredibly fast Wizzard Slot Cars
  25. MEV Originals : Mike Vitale; A Genius in Miniature Motoring, Modeling.
  26. HO Drag Racing : FRHO Drag Race Car Class Rules and Pictures
  27. Slot Car Illustrated : An Online Magazine for the Slot Car Enthusiast. Very well done & a daily email to slot your day!
  28. Track Hobbies : Aurora F1 Indy Car Reference from Down Under
  29. : Model Motorist Jerry Shares his story & hints.
  30. : Go Fast with Bowman.
  31. Wayne's AFX Slot Car Sticker Reproductions : Click on any of the cars listed on the left to see a picture of the car and it's stickers.
  32. Fantasy Raceways : A commercial slot car race track in Rochester, NY.
  33. U.S. Raceways : A list of commercial slot car race tracks organized by state.
  34. : A Great source for 'accurate' reproduction T-Jet Tires & other odd makers too.
  35. Dave's Model Racing Engineering : Need for Speed? Go email Dave. Electrical Engineering for HO Scale Slot Car Racing.
  36. : There are Fast Vintage T-Jets... & then there are some REAL FAST ONES.
  37. Gerding Fast Tracks: Ever think about Building a Large Scale Track?? Gary has done it Dozens of times!
  38. North East Slot Cars Forums: 1/32 Scale Racers, Track Finder
  39. HOCUSTOM.COM: For HO Scale NASCAR or CuStOm Decals or Rein Body Shells; Craig may know best.
  40. MRT Products: We Supply the Need for SPEED - balanced & low ohm inline armatures as well as other go-fast needs!
  41. Zoomin Motorsports: T-jets that Fly or Race Tracks that Rock; Call Paul Kniffen in CNY!
  42. Stand alone slot car lap timer systems, with precision start.
  43. Springville Slot Car Club: Upstate NY HO Racing Action, in Springville.
  44. The Aurora Plastics Slot Car Websit: Ladies & Gentlemen, the One & Only: Bob Beers.
  45. Micro Scalextric Resource: Microscalextric Reference with a Touch of Artistry!
  46. Harden Creek Slotcars: For Very Fast TOMY & TYCO style slot cars (& Parts) call Terry.
  47. Modelville Hobby : Lenjet HO Raceway Ashland, Mass. Wow.
  48. Slots-n-Stuff : A great source for many modern HO slot car brands.
  49. NITRO SLOTS : HO Slot Car Drag Racing Forum
  50. NAMCAR : Night Race Comedy Trailer