You Built What 2

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Custom Creations with our new BTO Wheels
from ebay's  bob...zilla


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….& some guys tend to get carried away. :)
from Vince Morgillo

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US-1 Set Up
from Chris Hordorwich

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The GIANT Giant
James Shaw

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Thunderloop Raceway
John in Port Jefferson Station NY

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"I am a Soldier deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan; and your race set is a little reminder of home.  I greatly appreciate it!"
Photos from James Pleasant

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Photos from James Shaw

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Photos from Race Track Photos

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John in Rochester

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Jason in Central New York

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Mete Caylak

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"City of Gravetown" by JB

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More Reno Layout from JB

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John in Reno, NV

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Dave in Buffalo

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Kaj in Norway

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Ken Donow Raceway

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Here are photos of my 2013 new track layout.
Stan “Tyco Kid” Shelby

Anybody want to race in the greater Phoenix/Mesa area?? We race box stock with fixed ohm controllers.
If interested e-mail for dates and times... aliasdave1 [at]
Dave in AZ

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Joe from Michigan

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Mark from CA

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Dan from

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"I bought my 1991 TCR track from you last year. My 9 year old and I have been racing with this track and our other Tyco slot race sets for months.
I share these items with other people and it amazes them I m one of the few who s into it."

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It's my attempt at a version of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, shrunk down to fit on a 78 x 30 inch door as the baseboard. The track is Tomy AFX and the cars are mostly Tyco - although the lap record of 3.1 seconds belongs to a Micro Scalextric Ferrari. The track uses a pre-digital scalextric timer cannibalised to work off the standard Tomy AFX lap counter. Hope you like it! I certainly had a lot of fun building it.
Andy Callan from Nottingham, England

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John Redfern

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This (attached photos) was my original lay out and T-Jet cars from 1968.  I have since added some and traded/sold others.  I will send a current car/lay out picture. I have no more GT's, camaro, or stake truck and have added a red and a green J car, a beige and a red chapparal, beige hard top hot rod, white tuff ones cougar and camaro, and a red convertible vibrator hot rod. Karl Mills

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My Track. Patrick

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US-1 Anonymous Texas Layout

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I've been collecting for 40 years but don't have as much as you but here are a few pictures,on my small table 8ft by 22ft. Rick

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My project / beginner layout... Alex

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Bob, here is a pic of my track.  you can see most of it….funtimes.  thx! Zachary Shulman

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I got my first Eldon (wish I still had that!) slotcar set when I was about seven, which means I've had this bug for forty years, you do the math...
The table is 18' X 4"6". You could literally put a car on top of this.
The car track is all tyco. 4 lane race track and 2 lane country/town track are all wired from the under side with separate transformers for each lane. The inner of the 2 lane track has a polarity switch so you can run opposing traffic or race in the same direction. There are jacks for all six lanes on both sides of the table so you can stand anywhere and control any lane. The traffic lights really work, very cool, and the crossbucks flash when a train is approaching. I know this is a slot car site but, a quick word about the trains. All DCC and DCC sound equipped locomotives, very cool. All switch tracks are controlled from a pull out drawer at the train yard end of the layout.....  The car collection is all in perfect working condition thanks to all the great parts available here at Slot Car Central. Some very old, some newer. 19 of which are lighted. The wooded hills under the race track are made from scratch with spray foam and a lot of patience. The layout is 90% complete. All that is left to do is finish the ballast (gravel) on the train tracks, some small detail stuff,(parking lots, drive ways, ect.) and I have about 300 more trees to install. Bob L. Southeastern Pa

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Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me last week.  It was a real pleasure working with you, and I’m looking forward to doing a lot of future business.  I’ve attached a few photos of my collection and a track I recently built.  It’s my Katz-spa ring tribute, probably 2/3 scale.  I used the supports from one of my old building toys to make the elevation changes.  I try to build a monster once every couple of weeks, keeps me out of trouble.
Paul Crosby