You Built What Body?!?!

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 Tom Talley

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Squadron Leader 7 by Tom Talley

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From Tom Talley 

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From Tom Talley

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Bob Molta

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Paul Lewis

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Randy Lewis

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Michael in Germany

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Greg in CA

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Greg in CA

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Formula K from Greg in CA

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Dave Hanson

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Bob- Thanks again- your great prices allow me to make custom slot vehicles that should have- but never were- made.
Attached is my latest: Smokey & the Bandit. The semi and trailer are made from pieces purchased from you.

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Custom G-Plus bodies by
Russ Anderson

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CUSTOM 6 wheel ELF cars by
Russ Anderson

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I race with the cincinnati ohio magnatraction slot car club we are in the process of setting up a 5hr enduro race at in dayton ohio. we race the can am type of afx bodys on the magnatraction car i am workin on gettin some door prizes hopefully for this event some of us have seen /used your product and like it very much i was wondering if youmight donate some  type of afx magnatraction parts for the event in return we will post your link and site on our site and send the results for the event im am working with other manufactures so i hope you can join us if so i will give you the date and other info if not thanks for your time  and product,
Barry West

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I just wanted to share with you a body I made recently,  I'm sure this is not as good as others you've seen,  but this was my
first attempt at this. Thanks,

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Here are some pictures of go karts and mario brother go karts... I made some for my 6 yrs old son and sold some to keep my slot car hobby going... I remember you asking me for pictures. My son and i have a blast racing them. Thats his favorite game on ninetendo WII mario brothers go karts.
Wes Yeager

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In the picture I’ve attached, there is a repainted truck body (originally black with flames) and a set of doubles. All were made from parts purchased from you.
Johnny Bakane


[Post 7] Randall Richardson

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"...After I cut them down I am getting them Chromed. We do this for drag cars to get them slammed to the ground and look right."
Larry Brown

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George Dellinger

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Here are some customized Life-Like Bodies brought to a new level & style! Randall <>

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Hi Bob, Thought you might like to see a couple things I created. The police car is fitted with the aurora flasher unit and the lights work. (It was a very tight fit.) The dump trucks are one of many things I've built with all the cabs I bought from you in the past.The dump beds are original aurora. (See p.140 in Beers' book.) Enjoy! Carl Keebler <>

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More customized Life-Like Bodies brought to a new level & style! From Randall <>