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Hi Bob, We're getting ready to start our 3rd season of HO racing-This years track is to be an all- banked setup-. Bill Lewis

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...My first track and the progress on my efforts to recreate. Sorry about lousy phone pic. Marty Lucion Collins

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"The 'Mini-Tubbie' : What is a "Mini-Tubbie" you ask? Well, it combines the attributes of the wonderful vintage Aurora Tub Track with a layout that can be built in a smaller space. I've reduced the 12'x5' six-lane of the original fiberglass Aurora track to a 10'x4' four-lane layout. Here is a photo and a crude diagram of the layout. I have a lot of work left to do to finish it, but it is fully race-able now. On the right end the track is elevated up to 3.5", 2/3 of the way down the back straight it is also elevated to form a 2" hump. These elevations are a vital part of the original Tub Track design. The track pieces are vintage Atlas, with a few Lionel bits. All curves are 12" outer lanes and 9" inner lanes. Reed switches provide reliable sensing for the PC based "RaceTimer" race management program. Power is from FOUR vintage 18 volt Aurora Model Motoring transformers, one for each lane."

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Here are some pics of my 4 lane. Approx 50 ft long. I tried to wedge as much track as possible in my 10x12 spare bedroom. After trying several layouts I came up with this one to use every inch of table space I could. The T-shaped table was all I could fit in the room given the odd arrangement of doors and closets. I also tried to give the track some depth by slightly banking some turns and adding elevation changes. Powered by two 6 amp 24 volt regulated power supplies I found online for $15 each. Fast laps are around 6 sec. T-jets run around 10 seconds. I recently acquired a box of track with 100 15" straits and many curves off craigslist. A few days later my TV quit working, making my living-room wide open. I'll take that as a sign... David Franson <>

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FYI, I've attatched a photo of HALF my layout. Hope you like it. I'm the tubby one on the sofa. The rest of the layout joins in bottom right corner of pic & is about 30 sec lap total with mega G car. My goal is to build a 1 min lap. Thanks HEAPS again for all your help. Cheers, Kessie (dryw66)

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Hello Mr. Bob, Heres what I have built so far. Its only a 5 X 10 table. The track is just over 55 ft per lane. It is still getting more scenery week by week. I tossed all the dining room furiture to build this , notice the wheels on table. I hope you can post these pictures on your website, YOU BUILT WHAT. Its a fun little track to run on. I enjoy the old AFX and Magna cars more than the magnet missles!!!! Thanks again for all your help in the past. Dr. Gamma Bob Kiekenapp

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8-Lane Aurora Model Motoring & AFX Track in patchogue, NY. Tom Rogers

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A little bit about my tables. They are 3/4" plywood re-inforced with 2X4's ( 3 that run length wise with 3 cross braces ) covered with indoor/outdoor carpet. Supported by 32" 4X4's, streghtened with 4X4 braces, cut on 45 degree angles. These tables are strong enough that a person can climb around on them, without worrying about falling through. I have them laid out in the following fashion. 2 tables side by side ( 8X8 ) with one more length wise. That gives me a 16' back straight. ( ! ) I'm currently using all Tomy track, with only 2 terminal strips. I have each controller feeding both strips. This configuration has 200 joints, and I have no power problems. I have bent the power rails on each track section for better electrical connections. This layout contains the following pieces: 2 Tomy terminal strips, 10 3" straights, 6 6"straights, 19 9" straights, 52 15"straights, 45 9" 90 degree turns, 4 9" 45 degree turns, 27 12" 45 degree turns, 17 15" 45 degree turns, and 8 18" 45 degree turns. I did not use any banked turns in this layout. Total length is 184.25 feet, if my math and counting are correct. Scale miles: 2.24 miles! Joe Brown

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Hi Bob, My two friends and I stopped at your hidden basement of slotcar
Heaven after going to Walt's a few years back. Jeremy George

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Concession Slot Car Race Track
Great for private parties, corporate events, fairs, boat shows, racetracks or any event. This track is mounted on a twenty-foot trailer with an aluminum and vinyl top. Fluorescent lights are mounted under the vinyl top. This track can easily be pulled with a tow truck. It only takes two people about 15 minutes to set up. The track is 50+ feet of four-lane racing. The cars are 1/24 scale and run on 12V DC. All is controlled by a computer that keeps # of laps, times, MPH, best lap, etc all displayed on a color monitor. There are many options in the computer program, allowing for all types of racing. The four lanes are colored coordinated with the control boxes. We have 10 Nascar type cars and 6 controllers, lots of spare parts, motors, tools, track tack, etc. This track runs on 120V 10 Amps and can easily be run by a small generator for remote cases. An aluminum toolbox is mounted on the tongue of the trailer that houses the computer and a 12V converter with a light and plenty of room for storage of car, track treatment or whatever. There is also plenty of room under the racing surface for storage. There are 4-4plex receptacles on the corners for fans or additional lighting.

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Danny, from Ohio
P.S. The helicopter in photo # 8, has turning blades, I have a shaft running through the table with a Tomy Turbo motor running it from a power pack!

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Don Houser
Approx. 65 ft. of 4-lane track.

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Bill Franklin
The small track is actually 2 mirror image tracks so you can race 4 against or 2 sets of 2 against. It is a 4' x8' plywoodand is on wheels with handles for portability. It has four transformers and 4 stations one on each side. The individual transformers keep your car from speeding up when someone else falls off the track. People on the same track are next to each other (end and side). It is great if you want to take a track to a party and also it rolls under the big track when not in use. If we have people over we let the kids play on the little track so the BIG kids can play on the big track. Each lane is 36.75 feet long and the straight is 12' 3" long including the loop. 
The big track is a blast. Both lanes have a completely different rhythm, but are very even. If you are good, you can do a lap from a standing start on either track in 15 seconds +. It has a regulated power supply and several jumpers to keep the voltage relatively constant around the track no matter the load. It took me a lot of trial and error to find this layout, but we have many very close races with cars swapping positions around the track and often gaining or losing only an inch or so in an entire lap. Most races are won because someone makes a mistake, either falling off or losing a lot of time. If both racers are good, sometimes 5 laps are run within inches (3 and 5 are our normal race length). Very exciting. I spent over 2 years of tweaking to get it even and challenging and just hard enough. Most people can start lapping relatively fast, around 17 secondswithin 10 minutes. Dropping another second and a half can take quite a while, but I can usually give a slightly faster racer a slightly slower car and get a good race. The blue track is probably a little harder to get the last tenth of a second out of, but once you figure it out, it is just as easy to do the same time. Amazingly, 2 cars can lap the track at top speed and trade the lead several times and only hit on the crossover tracks on average once every 5 or so laps. The different parts of the track seem to put one car ahead at the crossovers if everyone is going as fast as possible. The wrecks probably occur because someone is losing time. Below are the general specs for the big track: 

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Jim Pande
166 feet per lane/4 lane lock and joiner. 114 feet per lane on the "race" course. Junction tracks open up to the "city" portion for the total track length. Timing system is LED tower with LapMaster timing. Fastest lap times are in the 20 second range for T-jets on the "race" course, Wizzards will do in the 7's.

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From Mike Rodrigues
Built with a basic SpeedSteer Race Set Plus 12 Extra 1/4 9" Curves (& any TCR Transformer.)

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From: Serge Arrestouilh AKA mountaindudetoo

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This race track was built approximately 1.5 years ago for use in a slotcar raceway. The owner of the raceway fielded requests from his racers for several years to get a HO scale racetrack, so they could race a series using both vintage and modern slotcars. The generous owner of the racing facility had this track built using the best materials, and rare electronics, as to offer his cliental a great HO racing experience! Unfortunately, in the last year and a half, the track has gone virtually un-used. Therefore, in an effort to recuperate some of the initial investment, we are offering you a rare opportunity to own a fantastic professional quality HO racetrack! Please note that this track is being offered locally for sale, and we reserve the right to end this auction at any time. If you want it you should bid on it NOW. If there are bids, the likely hood of ending the auction early are nominal. Bid sniping will not be tolerated, and winning snipered bids will not be honored. 
Race ready with over 50 feet of Aurora A/FX track. 
Additional straightaway track is included to easily convert this challenging road coarse into an Indy style oval course. Trackmate PS-3010 DC Regulated power supply. Adjustable rom 0-30 volts with a maximum output of 10 amps. This unit features large, easy to read voltage and amperage gauges. Custom built Race Directors Control includes a 6062 Altronix multi-purpose timer. This unit can be set to allow you to adjust heat races from 1 second up to 1 hour. There is also a practice mode that allows constant useage. A Mini Count 4 Trixtrax digital lap counter and timer. This is an extremely rare and desierable peice of slotcar racetrack equipment!!!. This professionaly wired track has 4 power taps for consistant power distribution. 4 drivers stations. This ready to race set-up measures 11'8" long, 4'5" wide, 35" tall. This track has over $600 dollars worth of rare electronics!

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From Jerry Ward
Mini Miglia Grand Prix
122 feet on a 4 x 10 layout
72.75 feet straight track (59%)
49.25 feet curve track (41%)
1.48 Scale Miles
Lap Record 7 seconds

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From Fred Yaghjian:
"Well this is what me and a friend had and he's moving and that's where the track was set up. We would race for $1.00 a race best out of 5. At any time if you hit the train you would lose the race and have to pay the train fund $1.00. We would use that money to buy more stuff. There are exploding box cars and if you hit one of those it was an extra $1.00. The box cars are old Lionel in great condition and I have 3 of them. Also I cut the bottom out of some train cars so you could go under them so you didn't have to wait for the whole train to go by. There is 4 or 5 passenger cars I did that to also but not in the pictures. I made the double train crossings so 2 trains could run through the car track at the same time. I also made slot car cross tracks because the factory ones had to big of a gap. The bank track in the pictures are glued together so and solder so there ain't any shorts. Also I glued plastic around the turns instead of the guard rail and that really works great."

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From the MASTER TRACK BUILDERS at Toys4Boys&LittleGirls2

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